Pendleton Fire to conduct 'Burn to Learn' Jan. 29-31

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The Pendleton Fire Department, in coordination with neighboring jurisdictions, will conduct a "Burn to Learn" event at three condemned properties near the Pendleton airport Jan. 29-31. These structures were scheduled for demolition by the City as par tof the airport renewal efforts.

The training begins Jan. 29 with a two-day Basic Fire Investigation 200 class, instructed by Deputy State Fire Marshal Scott Goff. During the course, students will receive instruction on the role of firefighters and police during investigations, legal aspects, fire patterns, and fire cause determination. During the course, students will investigate fires that the Pendleton Fire Department will set this week specifically for the training.

The "Burn to Learn" event will conclude on Jan. 31 with instruction on offensive, transitional and defensive firefighting tactics and techniques with the demolition and burn of the three identified condemned structures. The fires will begin at around 8 a.m., and will last most of the day, so nearby residents can expect to see multiple smoke columns and numerous fire apparatus as the training occurs.

"This training helps us provide the best trained and prepared firefighters we possibly can, and we are grateful for this rare opportunity to conduct live fire training, and we would like to thank the community for their support during this evolution," said Pendleton Fire Chief Jason Walker.