Fee Schedule - Water Rates

1. Size of Service No Pavement With Sidewalk
No Pavement
With Pavement With Pavement
And Sidewalk
  3/4" $1,010.00 $1,524.70 $1,846.35 $2,361.00
  1" $1,125.80 $1,640.45 $1,962.15 $2,476.80
  1 1/2" $1,640.45 $2,155.10 $2,476.80 $2,991.45
  2" $2,258.05 $2,772.70 $3,094.40 $3,609.05
  Over 2" Actual cost of field labor, materials, plus 40% (for overhead). A full deposit based on an estimated cost is required before installation
  Note: Deposit required based on estimated cost
2. Base Rates: In-City Rates Out of City Rates
  Single Family Dwelling Unit $17.70 $26.55
  Duplex, per Dwelling Unit $13.50 $20.30
  Multiple-Family Dwelling (3 or more units), per unit               $10.20 $15.35
  Motels, per unit $6.70 $10.00
  Recreation Vehicle Spaces, per space $4.50 $6.75

Commercial, industrial, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, service establishments, professional and other offices, financial institutions and other similar establishments

  1" or less meter $22.00 $33.00
  1 1/2" $39.35 $59.10
  2" $62.05 $93.00
  3" $111.90 $167.80
  4" $203.80 $305.70
  6" $289.40 $434.20
  8" $548.05 $822.05
  10" or greater $806.70 $1,210.10
  Fire Service: $8.30 per
diameter inch
3. Volumetric Rates to be Charged
One unit of water usage equals 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons.
  First 19 units: $1.10 $1.65
  20 units to 149 units: $1.25 $1.85
  150 units or more: $1.30 $1.95
4. Temporary Service
Temporary service of 7 days or less
(plus applicable rate for amounts over 500 cu. ft. of water)

Charge for fire hydrant connection, per construction project
Additional fee for each time the location of such service is changed

per season
  Installation charges and deposits. The applicant for temporary service
shall be required:
a) For metered service a deposit for meter installation and removal,
providing appropriate service exists and City personnel does the installation
b) For fire hydrant connection:
1. Installation fee, if City personnel does the installation
2. Minimum water charge specified above
3. Refundable equipment deposit to be used to cover any damage to
equipment loaned by the Water Department to the applicant for use in
such temporary service



5. Water Fill Stations $250
6. Meter Removal  
  Meter removal $38.60
  Reinstallation charge $32.15
7. Out-of-City Wholesale Customers
Wholesale Customers are those customers which operate and maintain
their own water distribution system to which the City supplies water via
an intertie.
110% of the
In-City Rates
for Volumetric
  The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR),
through a pre-existing agreement for an existing intertie. Any additional
usage by the CTUIR greater than 100,000 cubic feet a month is charged as prescribed for Out-of-City Wholesale Customers.
100,000 cubic
feet per month
at no charge
8. Annualized Rate Adjustment 
The billing rate will be the adjusted rate rounded to the nearest $0.05
Lesser of 3.5%
or Portland-Salem
9. Payment of Charges  
  Where service has been disconnected for failure to pay for services
rendered before such service shall be restored or water turned on again.
  Minimum service charge to customers desiring service on Saturdays,
Sundays, Holidays and between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
  The fee to provide a postcard late notice for overdue charges  $5.00
  The fee to provide a door hanger notice of overdue charges $12.85
10. Cross Connections  
  Lawn, garden or landscaping sprinkling systems permit $36.35
  Fee to conduct the first inspection and/or test of the backflow
prevention device
11. Tampering or by-passing service
For tampering with or by-passing water service after meter is shut off
or locked out for non-payment

Res. 2532