Fee Schedule - Taxi Fares

1. Minimum fee per call
Plus per mile or fraction thereof
  Each additional passenger $0.60
2. Special charges:  
  All round trips
Plus waiting time
Total metered time
$17.00 per hour
  Waiting time when stopped by order of passenger $17.00 per hour
  Extra stops when going in the same direction $0.65
  Waiting time $17.00 per hour
3. Delivery charges  
Plus per metered mile
Plus handling charge for not over ten pounds
  Above ground floor $1.25 per floor per ascent
4. Pick-up of additional passenger en route $1.20 per metered mile plus
  Minimum fee for two passengers $0.75 per passenger
  Minimum fee for three or more passengers $0.50 per passenger

Res. 1778