Fee Schedule - Library Charges

1. Overdue Fees

To a maximum for each item

$.20 per day per item
2. Lost Materials (Entire item not returned)  
  Book, video, audio, CD, magazine or other item Cost of item*
3. Missing Materials (Part of item not returned)  
  Barcode, (from any item)
Book jacket (plastic)
Case (for CD – 2-12)
Case (for CD – 14-24)
Case (for video)
CD from set
Cover (paper, from book, audio, CD, video, magazine, etc.)
Pamphlet (from video, reproduction cost)
CD sleeves
4. Damaged Materials (Item returned with visible damage =/ <5%)  
  Marks, stains (pen, marker, spill, gum, etc. can be cleaned)
Torn pages, can be mended
Water damage, dried or can be dried
More than 5% of an item
$1.00 per page
Cost of item
5. Other Charges  
  Self-help Copy Machine Copies
Insufficient funds returned check
Interlibrary Loans (only if charged by lending library)
Library Card Replaced (after first one free)
Microfilm Reader-Printer Copies
Non-Resident Library Card (for 6 months)
Per Bank
* Cost of Item: The retail price of the item at time of purchase; OR the default price as given for that item classification by the computer, OR a minimum of $10.00.  

Res. 2521